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# Country and Name of Rider Motorcycle Make The Best Time Points Video Loss
1JPHaruhiko TsujiieSuzukiSuzuki GSX-R1000used 30 cm cones38,62used 30 cm cones25videoWC9
2JPKohei HayakawaSuzukiSuzuki DR-Z400SMused 30 cm cones39,01used 30 cm cones20video+0,39
3CZJan ZapachSuzukiSuzuki DRZ400used 30 cm cones39,55used 30 cm cones16video+0,93
4JPKimie Honma HondaHonda VTR 250used 30 cm cones41,10used 30 cm cones13video+2,48
5CZMichal BuráňCagivaCagiva Planetused 30 cm cones41,36used 30 cm cones11video+2,74
6NLBert SchuldHondaHonda NSR250Rused 30 cm cones41,73used 30 cm cones10video+3,11
7JPHanako Ito SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R1000used 30 cm cones41,89used 30 cm cones9video+3,27
8JPAkiko Ogasawara YamahaYamaha MT 07used 30 cm cones42,23used 30 cm cones8video+3,61
9NLMartijn StapelbroekHondaHonda CBR600RRused 30 cm cones42,46used 30 cm cones7video+3,84
10NLRichard van SchouwenburgHondaHonda CBR600f4iused 30 cm cones42,90used 30 cm cones6video+4,28
11FRLanoe JohannHondaHonda Hornet 600used 30 cm cones45,01used 30 cm cones5video+6,39
XESJonathan Arias DénizKTMKTM Duke 390used 30 cm cones45,40used 30 cm conesXvideo+6,78
12UAMaksym GrytsenkoYamahaYamaha MT07used 30 cm cones44,41used 30 cm cones4video+6,79
13FRLuc AutissierHondaHonda CB650Fused 30 cm cones45,68used 30 cm cones3video+7,06
14JPSinitirou YamatoHondaHonda VTR 250used 30 cm cones45,94used 30 cm cones2video+7,32
15UAVictor MikulinHondaHonda XL 700V Transalpused 30 cm cones46,17used 30 cm cones1video+7,55
16UADmitiry LysenkoHondaHonda CB 400 SFused 30 cm cones47,44used 30 cm conesvideo+8,82
17NLMarie Geerlings HondaHonda CB1used 30 cm cones47,84used 30 cm conesvideo+9,22
18JPHiroyuki GotoHondaHonda CBX125used 30 cm cones48,10used 30 cm conesvideo+9,48
19CZVáclav SenohrábekSuzukiSuzuki GS 500used 30 cm cones48,84used 30 cm conesvideo+10,22
20UAVitaliy PotomokHondaHonda CB 125used 30 cm cones48,90used 30 cm conesvideo+10,28
XESIvan KTMKTM 690 SMused 30 cm cones50,27used 30 cm conesXvideo+11,65
21CZBeáta Senohrábková YamahaYamaha TTR 110used 30 cm cones51,26used 30 cm conesvideo+12,64
22CZPavel JungmannHondaHonda CBF1000used 30 cm cones57,83used 30 cm conesvideo+19,21
XESHector LoboSuzukiSuzuki DR-Z 400 SMused 30 cm cones53,73used 30 cm conesXvideo+15,11


comment July 30th 2020 08:28:57 | Martijn Stapelbroek | Unknown Windows OS Firefox

In 2020 a conetouch is not a 1 second penalty anymore :-)
Only 1 second penalty with a complete knock over of a cone, a foot down or 30 cm cones.
Keep up the good work here. Great website and awesome archive of remote competitions links and progress!

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